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Building for the Future: What now for housing?

16th June 2015

Keynotes –

Roberta Blackman-Woods MP, Shadow Housing Minister

Clive Betts MP

Speakers – 

Sara Bailey, Head of Residential Real Estate, Trowers & Hamlins
David Cowans, Chief Executive, Places for People
Jeremy Stibbe, Executive Director Development & Sales, Peabody
Stephen Teagle, MD Affordable Housing & Regeneration, Galliford Try

Chaired by: Phillip Blond, Director, ResPublica

With the General Election over and Ministerial positions finalised, the Government must now turn its attention to implementing its manifesto and address the nation’s deep social and economic issues, the most pressing of which is housing.The failure to adequately plan for the future has plunged the UK into a supply and affordability crisis that affects people across the nation. At one end, there is an ever growing group who cannot access social housing and are locked out of home ownership, and at the other, for those in housing, the combination of a rise in property prices, constrained mortgage availability and a slow recovery from the recession has drastically changed the market. Furthermore, the separation between homeowners and private renters is a rising source of tension, entrenching wealth inequality and feeding an intergenerational divide.

As a basic social need, our citizens should have access to affordable and high quality housing in an attractive neighbourhood that has the necessary infrastructure for them to flourish. A steady home in a well-designed community can have an enormous impact on individual and family life, providing the necessary stability for a job, a good base for education as well as delivering essential health, well-being and wider community benefits. With housing so entwined with our lives, in the long-run everybody loses from what is rightly labeled a crisis.

To discuss the direction of housing post-election, we’re delighted to welcome range of speakers to explore how we can build for the future.

This event will coincide with the launch of our latest paper Local Place Partnerships, which will put forward the case for institutional change and propose a new body that can enable local authorities to coordinate housebuilding and create thriving communities.

To attend this event, please register via the event page.

david.fagleman@respublica.org.uk  or 0203 543 8148.


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