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Beyond the failures of liberal feminism

17th December 2020
  • ResPublica

Feminism is at a crossroads. In terms of rights and representation, things have never been better for women in the UK. But ‘progress’ is not linear – in fact, ‘progress’ is an illusion. And it is becoming increasingly apparent that a liberal doctrine that prioritises freedom above all else is not necessarily the answer to the problems women continue to face, in this country and worldwide.

Joined by some of the most interesting feminist thinkers working in the UK today, we will be discussing the failures of liberal feminism, and what a new form of post-liberal feminism might look like.

Speaker line-up:

  • Louise Perry (Chair)
  • Nimco Ali
  • Kathleen Stock
  • Mary Harrington
  • Nina Power

1 comment on “Beyond the failures of liberal feminism”

  1. Evelyn Strasburger says:

    Thank you for a fascinating talk which was very reassuring about the future of feminism, about which I have sometimes despaired. Mary Harrington’s contribution about how feminism embraces the real lives of women which are so dominated by relationships and particularly the symbiotic relationships of our children and families was so very welcome. She is absolutely right that this is not discussed because the “non-working” women who work hardest at it have no time, no freedom, nor the platform upon which to speak. They are silenced by the very work they do and so we pretend it isn’t happening, we pretend it is of no worth, we pretend it doesn’t really matter. Thank you Mary for being very clear that it does and suggesting we start speaking about it.

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