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ResPublica at the Party Conferences


Event Details

Our fringe programme in 2017

In the midst of Brexit negotiations, with the new Government now fully in place, and with an opposition with a refreshed mandate, the 2017 Party Conferences could be the most significant in years.

Following our biggest ever programme last year, the 2017 Autumn Party Conferences will mark ResPublica’s eighth annual season delivering high-profile and impactful fringe programmes. Hosting senior speakers from across the Government and Opposition with our trademark thought-leadership, our events are at the front and centre of the annual conferences.

Panelists, including Barry Gardiner MP, Caroline Julian of ResPublica, Tom Greatrix of the NIA and Jamie Reed MP discuss the energy mix in the UK

Our fringe programme is already filling up, with events planned across all major policy areas. For information on our provisional programme, or to discuss how your organisation can benefit from ResPublica’s expertise across conference season, please contact External Affairs Manager Mark Heffernan at mark.heffernan@respublica.org.uk or call on 020 3857 8319.

Highlights in 2016 included:

  • An assessment of Britain’s digital infrastructure future with Digital Minister Matthew Hancock MP
  • Manchester Mayoral candidate Andy Burnham MP discussing how to drive growth and jobs across the North;
  • Rob Halfon MP, Skills Minister, on how the Conservatives can champion aspiration;
  • A reflection on how Labour can re-engage with businesses large and small with Seema Malhotra MP;
  • Chair of the PM’s Policy Board George Freeman MP on the Government’s plans to fuel inclusive growth

Panelists discuss housing at Conservative Party Conference

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