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Press Centre

The Intergenerational Conflict

14th December 2014

The Intergenerational Conflict
ResPublica has teamed up with the Intergenerational Foundation to bring you 7 days of blogs examining the failure of public policy to serve young people’s interests. From housing to taxation, pensions to voting, this week the Disraeli Room will ask how we can achieve a fair future for all that avoids an intergenerational conflict:
Monday 15th December
The Intergenerational State of the Nation: why is fairness to grandchildren such a hot topic?
 by Angus Hanton
Tuesday 16th December
The intergenerational divide in housing
by David Kingman
Wednesday 17th December
The Intergenerational Case for an Asset Tax
by Abigail Rees
Thursday 18th December
Will Age Decide the 2015 Election?
by Liz Emerson
Friday 19th December
Are young people being short-changed over pensions?
by David Kingman
Saturday 20th Dececmber
Austerity’s second dimension: why fiscal sustainability requires more than cuts
by Duncan Sim
Sunday 21st December
The emerging intergenerational pay gap
by Antony Mason

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