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Press Centre

Press Centre

Digital Currencies: Realising the potential of a transformative technology

23rd March 2015

In the wake of the financial crisis, the world of finance has seen the rapid growth of digital currencies. Offering a payment service that is quick, cheap and convenient, their popularity has risen as people look for alternatives to our mainstream financial institutions.

With the government recently providing regulatory clarity and legitimacy to digital currencies and related businesses, the UK is set to become the most attractive place in the world to establish a digital currency business, aiding the Chancellor in his goal to turn Britain into a ‘global centre of financial innovation’.

To coincide with this announcement, we have teamed up with the UK Digital Currency Association (UKDCA) to bring you a series of blog posts in the Disraeli Room that explore the benefits of digital currencies and discuss how we can realise the full potential of this transformative technology.

The UKDCA has been at the very centre of the reform necessary to the UK stance, including a workable ruling on VAT and now sensible regulation and support initiatives that will encourage innovative digital currency enterprises to invest in the UK. Their pragmatic and constructive approach has been welcomed by the UK Government. To find out more about the UKDCA please visit their website.

Monday 23rd March

How bitcoin works and how it’s going to change the world’ by Dominic Frisby

Tuesday 24th March

Bitcoin is not anonymous’ by Tom Robinson

Wednesday 25th March

The return of monetary politics’ by Lui Smyth

Thursday 26th March

The culture clash of cryptocurrencies’ by Toby Birch

User Autonomy: The confluence between private data stores and cryptocurrencies’ by Jonathan Levin

Friday 27th March

Blockchain: The ability to scale trust’ by Anthony Macey

Monday 30th March

Technology disruption – coming to a bank near you’ by Chi Onwurah




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