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Our People

Our People

David Hawkins


David Hawkins has spent 15 years in government relations, corporate affairs and the arts. Following an internship at Number 10, he started his career at leading lobbying company Westminster Strategy before moving to PR agency GBC. After working for the Shadow Secretary of State for Defence in the immediate aftermath of 9/11 he worked at Business in the Community where he led on policy and public affairs, particularly championing the removal of the many blocks that face homeless and other excluded groups. Concurrent to BITC he advised and wrote speeches for John J. Studzinski CBE, Senior Managing Director and global head Blackstone Advisory Partners. After a year at leading communications ageny Blue Rubicon he moved to Arts & Business where he consulted on philanthropy, public policy and strategy.

He is a Board member of Larimar Stone film fund and UK and an advisor to responsible business certification company ETHICS. David is a retained advisor to Satish K Modi, Chairman of Modi Global Enterprises and as Executive Director of Arts for India, the Modi foundation, is leading on the fundraising campaign to build capacity and teaching networks between the Modinagar-based International Institute of Fine Arts, the University of the Arts London and the Princes Drawing School. David is Chairman of the Programme and Development Committee of Benjamin Franklin House and a member of the development council of Asia House.

In 2011 David was nominated to be a Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum.

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