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Our People

Our People

Tom Follett

Senior Policy and Projects Officer

Tom manages and delivers projects around place-based policy and devolution, working across both ResPublica’s research and consulting functions. His recent projects include Air Necessities and research for Newport Council’s City of Democracy initiative.

Tom’s work has featured in publications ranging from The Times to the New Statesman, as well as in local press. He has written for a range of publications, including Newsweek and CityMetric and has appeared frequently as a contributor for Share Radio and TipTV.

His policy interests include cities, transport and digital government, and inequality and welfare. He previously interned in parliament for a frontbench Labour MP, working on infrastructure and efficiency policy as part of Labour’s Policy Review.

Tom joined ResPublica in November 2015, after completing an MA in Legal & Political Theory at UCL, where his studies focused on the moral principles of the welfare state. He also holds a BA in Politics from the University of Leeds, where he graduated in July 2014, and wrote his dissertation on Regional Policy in England 1997-2014.

Outside of work he enjoys reading, travel, and obscure genres of electronic music.

Championing renewed leadership in governance and business practice

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