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Our People

ResPublica brings together the brightest and best through its network of staff, advisers and associates to deliver radical insights and policy innovation across all areas of UK policy.

Our People

The Team

  • Phillip Blond


    Phillip Blond

    Phillip is an internationally recognised political thinker and social and economic commentator. He bridges the gap between politics and practice, offering strategic consultation and policy formation to governments, businesses and...

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  • Mark Morrin

    Principal Research Consultant

    Mark Morrin

    Mark is ResPublica’s Localism Lead. He will be focusing on our new projects and workstreams, working in partnership with city-regions, to radicalise the localism agenda and realise a new vision...

  • Dr James Noyes


    Dr James Noyes

    Dr. James Noyes is an Associate at ResPublica, he was previously our Head of Policy and Strategy. Prior to joining our team, he was a lecturer at the Paris Institute...

  • Tom Follett

    Policy and Projects Manager

    Tom Follett

    Tom manages and delivers projects around place-based policy and devolution, working across both ResPublica’s research and consulting functions. His recent projects include Air Necessities and research for Newport Council’s City ...

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  • Richard Marsh

    Business & Operations Manager

    Richard Marsh

    Richard has spent most of his career in operations, finance and supply chain within the apparel and footwear industry.  He brings experience from both the corporate world and from small...

  • Jake Sumner


    Jake Sumner

    Jake Sumner is an Associate at ResPublica . He was previously our Senior Associate for Industrial Strategy upon joining us in January 2017. He has more than 20 years’ experience...

  • Brendon Marsh

    External Affairs and Project Support Officer

    Brendon joined ResPublica in September 2017, and works in the External Affairs team running events, media relations and parliamentary and stakeholder engagement. After graduating from the University of Warwick, Brendon...

  • Anna Hazelwood


    Anna joined ResPublica in November 2017 as a Researcher. Between graduating from the University of Cambridge in Summer 2017 and joining ResPublica, Anna spent a couple of months interning at...

  • Sara Gariban

    Policy and Projects Officer

    Sara Gariban is a Policy and Projects Officer at ResPublica. Before joining ResPublica, Sara worked at Ipsos MORI where she conducted policy-related research for a range of government departments and...