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Our People

Our People

Dr. Tim Madge

Contributing Author

Dr Tim Madge is an author, historian and journalist. He studied politics, international relations and history at Southampton University at undergraduate level, subsequently working for an M.Phil on the relationship between psychoanalysis and political thought. His doctoral thesis was on consensus theory applied to post-war broadcasting policy in the UK.

He is a former visiting fellow, City University, where he did post-doctoral research on broadcasters’ accountability. His specialist historical period is the Second World War, as well as the Victorian period in Europe. For many years he taught these subjects, as well as communications and journalism, to American students of Boston U, Tufts U, American U, Temple U, Florida State U and a number of other American universities on their London Programmes. For a time he ran the print journalism courses at what is now the University of the Arts, London. Tim Madge is the author of a number of books, including the best-selling award-winning Maiden (written with Tracy Edwards), a biography of Bill Tilman, the explorer, and a history of Royal and State Yachts.

His book, Long Voyage Home, a social history of the decline of the British merchant and naval fleets, was adapted and presented by him on BBC Radio 4. His most recently published book was a social history of cocaine (White Mischief). Tim has worked for all the UK broadsheet newspapers in a number of roles – principally as a feature writer and editor. He has also written for a very wide range of consumer and specialist magazines. For a time he was a columnist for UPI in the USA, and for New Scientist magazine in the UK.

In the late 1980s he set up the award-winning Young Guardian for The Guardian. In 2001, he was the launch editor of the UK’s first all-colour tabloid newspaper for the marine industry, All At Sea. Inbetween, Tim has worked with (and launched) a number of websites.

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