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Where Red and Blue Meet

ResPublica's Phillip Blond and Lord Glasman in conversation at the Anglia Ruskin University

The Anglia Ruskin University is hosting the event "Where red and blue meet; the role of intermediate institutions between the family and the state in British society?" on Tuesday 12th March, with ResPublica Director Phillip Blond and Lord Glasman. 

Lord Glasman and Phillip Blond have both challenged their own political parties and, through them, the country to look beyond the traditional left-right split over economic issues. They have encouraged us to look at the social structures to which people belong and in which they are formed and develop virtue. They have challenged the notion that - there is no such thing as society - lying between the family and the state. On this evening they will each present their ideas, including identifying what they have in common and the distinctive contribution each of them makes. There will then be time for audience interaction, not merely questions and answers.

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Staff Appearances

12 March 2013
From: 18:30
To: 20:30

Lord Ashcroft Building, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge