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The Future of UK plc: Britain’s key to global enterprise

A new ResPublica research project

As business leaders and policy-makers turn from global crisis towards international recovery, there is a clear window for innovative and foundational thinking about the future. In order to address immediate problems of unemployment and productivity, but also to set the UK on a firm and competitive global footing for the longer term, we need to think more innovatively about the strengths and values of the British economy.

Too often, measures of economic achievement have been narrowly defined, allowing only for winners and losers. Closer investigation of Britain’s most productive sectors shows, however, that their momentum emanates from a longer-term perspective that is concerned not only with immediate profit, and that includes a distinctive trinity of characteristics: innovation, geo-strategic targeting, and business leadership. It is these characteristics that should be considered in re-casting the terms of UK economic strength and competition.

In this project, experts from fields including education, health, law, financial services, popular culture and media, biotechnology and engineering will share insights and experiences of winning competitive advantage through innovation, leadership and astute geo-strategic targeting. The project may also include primary research, using social media polling, to unpack public understandings and expectations of competitive business practice going forward.

The project will show how the British economy has strong chances to flourish at home and abroad, by redefining concepts of economic achievement to value more highly these capacities, and by becoming champions of business models that focus on creativity, business leadership, and astute targeting towards areas of opportunity and needs.

The project is now open to external engagement from the public, private and third sectors. We would like to establish a consortium of partners who will feed in to our further research and debate in this area and benefit from co-branding on publications and events. 

For more information or to discuss partnership opportunities, please contact Monika Kruesmann,  Research Consultant, monika.kruesmann@ or 020 7222 6552.

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