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Do Christians Really Oppose Gay Marriage?

Chairman of the ResPublica Trust, Professor John Milbank, speaking at the Westminster Faith Debates

As part of the 2013 Westminster Faith Debates, ResPublica's Chair of Trustees, Professor John Milbank, will speak at the event 'Do Christians really oppose gay marriage?' on 18th April at 5.30 pm.

The discussion will be chaired by the Rt Hon Charles Clarke and Prof Linda Woodhead, and the other speaker include Professor Stephen Holmes, Professor Tina Beattie, and Lord Deben (John Selwyn Gummer).

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Staff Appearances

18 April 2013
From: 17:30
To: 19:00

The QEIICC, Westminster, SW1P 3EE

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Professor John Milbank

John Milbank is Research Professor of Religion, Politics and Ethics and Director of the Centre of Theology and Philoso...