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Labour needs simple answers to complicated questions

What do a rock concert and a leftie conference have in common? Not much, except for ageing men nostalgic for their younger years and a...

Why employee ownership is the ideal business succession solution for you, your business and your employees

Sell your company to its employees. This could be the best idea you ever read.  An employee-buyout (EBO) ticks all the boxes including tax efficiency...

The unstoppable rise of employee ownership

At this time of year we think of the two faces of Janus, the Roman God after whom January is named, pointing in opposite directions,...

Inspire EO: Informing thinking around employee ownership

Interest in employee ownership is, in my experience, most often motivated by a desire for a fairer and more responsible form of capitalism and a...

Nothing in life is free – not even the NHS

It’s that time of year, when rising demand meets NHS spending limits. Why has this become such an annual – and unwelcome – winter event?...

Is Social Conservatism Conservative?

This article originally appeared in December 2014 in Comment Magazine, published by CARDUS: www.cardus.ca. At first sight and on primordial prejudice, social conservatism is...

The emerging intergenerational pay gap

After last week’s Autumn Budget Statement a number of news articles reported on the growing evidence that pensioners are actually fairly well-off these days. This...

Austerity’s second dimension: why fiscal sustainability requires more than cuts

How should public borrowing evolve over the years to come? Ensuring the sustainability of public spending is essential to intergenerational fairness, since otherwise today’s young...

Are young people being short-changed over pensions?

Pensions are inherently an intergenerational issue. To a greater or lesser extent, all the different types of pension scheme rely on one generation making a...