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Think Food and Fuel!

We tend to argue at length about issues we encounter every day, whilst we make quick decisions about far-reaching issues of which we have limited...

Delivering sustainable food security with a pick axe, a two-way torch and a mirror

Food products criss-cross around the world every day, carrying with them embedded water, carbon, energy and sweat (figuratively if not literally, in the effort put...

For food, read energy

The issues surrounding energy are now well understood. We have growing needs yet realise that our historical energy sources are not as cheap – or...

Retailers’ Promotions on Sugary Products: Should they be regulated?

A poor diet fostered by a rapid increase in the supply of affordable, processed food has been widely blamed as one of the major contributors...

Is the food industry always the villain on childhood obesity?

Sugar is the new tobacco, and the battle lines are sharpening around Jamie Oliver’s campaign for a sugar tax to be the centrepiece of the...

Food for Thought

Food is a vital part of human well-being and flourishing. Over the course of the next week ResPublica will be running a blog week on...

Why ResPublica supports the Direct Planning Bill

  With the Direct Planning (Pilot) Bill set for its Second Reading in the House of Lords tomorrow, ResPublica are keen to nail our organisational...

The Direct Planning (Pilot) Bill – Changing the Question

The Direct Planning (Pilot) Bill has its second reading in the House of Lords today (20th November). It has been introduced by Lord Lexden though...

Filling empty homes: the key to flourishing communities?

Common in much discussion on the housing crisis is the focus on the need for a range of solutions. From building on the green belt,...