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Repositioning the Church of England as a strategic partner in public service reform

The Church of England has been firmly in the public spotlight over the past few weeks. The celebrations in York at the consecration of its...

Who is my Neighbour? How the Church can stop politics from eating itself up

Today, the Church of England’s House of Bishops issued a Pastoral Letter entitled Who is my Neighbour? – the first such extensive and reflective contribution...

Regulating Conduct – Where should the burden fall?

It is concerning to read this morning of the decision to scrap the Financial Conduct Authority’s approved persons register and place the burden of regulating...

Digital currencies and the future of financial innovation

Among financial and techie communities, digital currencies (DC), such as bitcoin, have become the exciting development to watch. It’s exciting because it could transform the...

Rethinking Economics: The story so far

In 2011 and 2012 small numbers of disgruntled economics students started cropping up in universities across the UK.  In Cambridge, Manchester, then UCL...

Reclaiming Temperance – Establishing a responsible and sociable drinking culture

Britain has for centuries repeatedly faced the problem of binge drinking. As this article from January 1903 demonstrates, our current travails in tackling problem drinking...

Taking responsibility for local economic recovery

The trouble with economic recovery is that someone else always has to do it – the bankers, investors, industrialists or mandarins.  What about the rest...

Labour needs simple answers to complicated questions

What do a rock concert and a leftie conference have in common? Not much, except for ageing men nostalgic for their younger years and a...

Why employee ownership is the ideal business succession solution for you, your business and your employees

Sell your company to its employees. This could be the best idea you ever read.  An employee-buyout (EBO) ticks all the boxes including tax efficiency...