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Child protection & the hidden dangers of the Immigration Bill

The UK’s immigration rules and systems affect some children and young people in almost every aspect of their lives. Their immigration status can determine whether...

‘Religion shows no sign of going away or allowing itself to be relegated to the private sphere’

The National Theatre has just revived Harley Granville Barker’s play, Waste, about public and private morality in politics. The action turns on a Bill...

Comprehensive Spending Review: What does it mean for devolution?

The devolution proposals within the Comprehensive Spending Review have been labelled by some as a recipe for increased regional inequality. The limited and growth-focussed nature...

The Multiple Costs of Food Waste

Food insecurity is a global tragedy. More than 10% of humanity, almost 800 million people, are undernourished. Even in a relatively high-income country like the...

Climate science is to geo-engineering as genetics is to GM food

Advocates of GM lean heavily on the claim that GM is ‘science’. But this is itself a highly dubious assumption. GM is essentially a technology....

Think Food and Fuel!

We tend to argue at length about issues we encounter every day, whilst we make quick decisions about far-reaching issues of which we have limited...

Delivering sustainable food security with a pick axe, a two-way torch and a mirror

Food products criss-cross around the world every day, carrying with them embedded water, carbon, energy and sweat (figuratively if not literally, in the effort put...

For food, read energy

The issues surrounding energy are now well understood. We have growing needs yet realise that our historical energy sources are not as cheap – or...