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Are young people being short-changed over pensions?

Pensions are inherently an intergenerational issue. To a greater or lesser extent, all the different types of pension scheme rely on one generation making a...

Will Age Decide the 2015 Election?

The 2015 General Election will be fascinating on many levels, not least because of the emergence of the UKIP vote. However, there are other factors...

The Intergenerational Case for an Asset Tax

The issues of intergenerational inequality and asset inequality are closely linked in Britain today. Yet despite the fact that inequality more generally is increasingly recognised...

A Department for Education and Leadership

If there is just one character trait that pupils should leave school accomplished in, it should be that embodied by a one Mahatma Gandhi: “Be...

The intergenerational divide in housing

Margaret Thatcher famously said she wanted Britain to become a “property-owning democracy”, an aspiration that has been echoed ever since by politicians of every persuasion....

Architecture and Happiness – or who deserves good design

I am a chief executive of a small housing association that has a modest development programme, and we take the view that good design of...

The Intergenerational State of the Nation: why is fairness to grandchildren such a hot topic?

The UK has started to wake up to a new dimension of social justice. For decades the focus of many campaigners has been on fairness...

Money Creation and Society: The beginning of the debate on how money is created

The Chancellor’s autumn statement shows how much scrutiny parliament places on how money is spent, with relatively small changes to budgets generating either applause or...

Talking to bankers: Maths and morals

I recently asked a prominent mathematician who once ran a hedge fund, Doyne Farmer, whether seeking to make a riskless profit was ethical. I don’t...