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The revival of professional integrity

  In the late 1990s, Solomon commented:  ‘”Integrity” is a word like “honor” – its close kin – that sometimes seems all but archaic in...

Are the Virtues Universal?

In a collection of notes apparently recorded by his son Nichomachus, Aristotle reportedly maintained that the human good consists of virtuous activity. We flourish through...

Virtue Ethics Renewed: Morality in a post religious, post relativist secular age

Top down morality is out, hierarchies of traditionally respected authority are done. Our institutions, in particular those that wield political power are typically viewed with...

Does private tuition exacerbate educational inequality?

The drivers of educational attainment are complex. On the one hand, a child’s lot in life can be dramatically improved when they are exposed to...

Vocational Banking: How can we restore trust and confidence in financial services?

It’s commonly held that business ethics begin where the law ends. But as we argued in our Virtuous Banking report last year, ordinary people are...

A tale from a maker

During my post-graduate study at the RCA in 2001 I really made some choices about which career path to take creatively. I wanted to be...

A tale from a maker

I’m an artist and designer, based in Bristol.  I’ve been working for myself for 12 years and have grown from a sole trader to a...

Craft, Luxury & Value

As Head of Exhibitions and Collections for the Crafts Council, museum objects and public programmes are my business. Exhibitions are a unique platform for public...

Crafting Policies for Success: Support for sole traders and small businesses

“A decline in tool use would seem to betoken a shift in our relationship to our own stuff: more passive and more dependent. And indeed,...