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Mutuals and Co-ops Can Be The Very Best Option!

The Quest for John Lewis Quality Public Services for Wales Wales has often been characterised by a radical political tradition that exists to promote a...

Book Review: ‘Taking Power Back: Putting people in charge of politics’ by Simon Parker

Nearly a year before the 2015 General Election, the Chancellor George Osborne announced that the country needed a ‘Northern Powerhouse’: an attempt to bring together...

Remain: The truly patriotic choice

In its latest volley of relentless negativity, the Remain campaign has targeted the grim outlook for UK trade were we to leave the EU. Last...

Becoming ‘the best place in the world’ for dementia treatment

This blog was originally published by Age UK   The Prime Minister wants the UK to be ‘the best place in the world to undertake research...

Beyond the Economic: The true value of Europe

Arguments against Britain leaving the EU have focused on economic cost-benefit-analyses and arguments from national self-interest. This does a disservice to an organisation which,...

With Prevention in Mind

Announcing £1 billion increase in funding to mental health, David Cameron rightly said that there needs to be a ‘revolution’ in mental health care. Much...


The NHS began with a bitter doctor’s dispute. Nye Bevan, the towering socialist Welsh force of nature, and Minister of Health whose single – some...

Child protection & the hidden dangers of the Immigration Bill

The UK’s immigration rules and systems affect some children and young people in almost every aspect of their lives. Their immigration status can determine whether...