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How to build better places

Urban places are popular. Think of where the world likes to go on holiday, and it is the great cities that attract millions of visitors....

Cancer – a rare area of political convergence?

So manifestos are out and for those working on charities’ general election campaigns, the anxious wait is over. Of course we know that, even in...

Women in Finance: Equality demands that maternity and family be put at the heart of business

The Prosperity programme at ResPublica is currently planning a series of events looking at culture change within financial services. Building on the success of ResPublica’s...

Brilliance and Imperfection: How medical technology has the potential to help people with asthma

Over the last few decades safe and effective new medical technologies have been widely welcomed by patients and health care professionals alike, and helped to...

Accessing the Future of Healthcare: Why the commissioning of new medicines must be a priority for the next government

The Coalition Government should be commended for its efforts to drive the life sciences agenda. After setting down an early statement of intent with the...

Addressing the Conservatives reputational deficit – the case for a Tory wealth tax

As other journalists and commentators have noted, despite the impressive achievements of the Conservatives in coalition – jobs up, incomes increased and bureaucracy streamlined...

Health North: A step in the right direction for addressing health equity in the North of England?

Our health and social care systems are at a crossroads and of the wide-ranging health challenges currently facing the UK, one of the most unsettling...

Life Sciences: The key to a 21st Century NHS

As we approach polling day, I believe the choice we are facing on the future of the NHS is becoming ever more clear. The choice...

A Community Finance Foundation: Helping the financial sector fulfil its civic duty

When we step back and review how our lives work one thing that becomes abundantly clear is that they are entwined with the financial system....