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The Big Society in Cumbria

Rory Stewart OBE, MP for Penrith and The Border, discusses the Cumbrian experience of the Big Society


How Labour can redefine the centre ground of politics

Eight policies that the new Labour leader Ed Miliband should adopt in order to join the political centre ground


The poverty challenge

Introducing ResPublica's Chief Economist Greg Fisher, who spoke to a Liberal Democrat fringe about how the Big Society can address poverty


Planning in a pickle

Lee Mallett, Co-Editor and Publisher of Planning in London magazine, argues for national and local government to invest in a new planning regime and new methods for engaging local people and economic interests


Beyond Localism: rethinking British governance

Journal of the British Politics Society of Norway


Cultivating Revolution

Havana's lessons for food localism in the UK


The Emergency Budget Needs to Make Work Pay

Local councils around the country should have the power to set their own living wages


Phillip Blond, self-proclaimed ‘Red Tory’

Jean Eaglesham writing for the FT profiles Phillip Blond

Dear Michael Merrick: your virtue ethics is neoliberalism in another form

A tale of two utopias from guest contributor William Brett


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