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electoral reform

Restoring the Demos: Is compulsory voting the answer?

ResPublica's Penny Yewers examines political apathy and new models for increasing political engagement.


Is electoral reform enough?

Following Nick Clegg's launch of the AV Campaign, Guest Blogger Simon McMahon argues that a more democratic system requires more than an extra vote


Power to change the future

Mark Pack, the Associate Editor of Liberal Democrat Voice, kicks off ResPublica's Lib Dem Party Conference programme with a platform for reform



Or 'How the Alternative Vote Referendum can be won'


AV: The Only Option for 21st Century Conservatives?

Building Conservative Parliamentary Majorities in the 21st Century is going to be a lot harder. Alan Riley discusses why the Tories may need electoral reform to prosper.


AV in Australia: Lessons for the UK

Professor Matt Qvortrup, a 'World Authority on Referendums,' adds his voice to those urging Conservatives to seriously consider the merits of voting reform


Not Quite PR... but still Worth the Fight

ResPublica Fellow Jules Peck is excited by the possibilities of a vote on AV


Why the Conservatives should not fear AV

The possible consequences of voting for the Alternative Vote System


On the Shortcomings of Voting

Why electoral reform may well be necessary but certainly will not be sufficient


A Psephological Quandry

A pragmatic view of the electoral reform debate


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