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Art and taxes

Paul Gauguin, Tracey Emin and paying for our fertile landscape of culture and creativity


The route to mediocrity

Management thinker and ResPublica Fellow John Seddon raises alarm over 'unit cost' proposals


Rape? What rape?

Sandra Gruescu asks: how far are we willing to go to cut the deficit?


What is international aid for?

The Coalition wants aid projects to contribute to the national interest, but Labour argue this will lead to the `securitisation' of the international aid budget. Are we witnessing a fundamental re-think about what aid should be used for?


Big Society - Small State?

ResPublica Fellow Jules Peck asks if the Big Society's break with the individualist neo-liberal model of the Thatcher era is only rhetoric? What role can the state play in making it a reality?


100 Days

Looking back on the first hundred days of the Coalition Government


Innovation in the Age of Austerity

If this is genuinely going to be a 'once-in-a-generation opportunity to transform the way that government works,' then the Comprehensive Spending Review will need to leave room for risk and innovation


Party Posturing on Trident

No tactical gains to be made from playing politics with defence


Desperately Seeking Savings

ResPublica's Deputy Director, Asheem Singh, on the enduring public sector procurement muddle - and the policies that will make it worse


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