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Disraeli Room

When Political Parties Agree (on What's Good)

"...Anyone who has attended an event with the three 'third sector' supremos from each side – Nick Hurd MP, Jenny Willott MP, and the sadly departed Angela Smith – will have been struck by the measure of consensus on the policy issues...'

A Green Change

"...the people of Brighton Pavillion proved that a green vote is not wasted, as they elected Caroline Lucas as their MP..."

Party Posturing on Trident

"...A fully costed Strategic Defence and Security Review that looks critically at all significant planned defence spending is crucial to achieving efficient allocation of resources and obtaining the best outcomes for the military..."

Here's an Idea: Managed Change

"...In the UK Partnership model I propose, Nick Clegg – who is the obvious candidate – would act as a non-executive senior partner. In my view, David Cameron should take the powerful role that Lord Mandelson created, and essentially thereby become Senior Managing Partner, while Alastair Darling would remain – being streets ahead of the competition – as the other Managing Partner and Chancellor..."

On the Shortcomings of Voting

"...As long as vertical accountability measures are tied to the granting of authority, electoral choice will remain limited..."

Memo to All Parties: Social Enterprise remains Your Ally

"...The next step for the New Peckham Experiment is to see how it could work in today’s context, thinking about changes such as fragmentation of the traditional family unit and advancements in technology..."

The Die Is Cast

"...Everyone remember to go out vote, so I don’t lose my 9:4 wager on turnout topping 70%!.."


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