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Disraeli Room

Point and Laugh No More - Part One

"...Some state services work very well. For example, in state provided public services such as defense one of the most remarkable feats of altruism is achieved where people lay down their lives for others. To say that they do this because they are motivated by their compensation, unusual strength of character or unusual mental attitude would clearly be wrong..."

Not Quite PR... but still Worth the Fight

"...AV is not really that PR-ish. It’s more about voting for who you hate least than who you like the most. Maybe it’s a step in the right direction towards true PR?..."

We are Addicted to Rising House Prices

"...Over-inflated house prices hurt our economy in many, many ways. Here are five of the most important..."

Why the Conservatives should not fear AV

"...The existing First Past the Post (FPTP) system is creaking at the seams, it was defensible when the threshold for winning an election was around 45 per cent of the vote and the two parties that alternated in power could each rely on 40 per cent or more..."

Why Axing the Child Trust Fund is Wrong

"...The Child Trust Fund is, or rather was, part of the beginning of an asset-building social policy. So far, it has boosted savings as since the inception of the Child Trust Fund more parents are saving more for their children..."

Defending The First Paragraph of Red Tory

"...Now that the election is over – I have some time to return to my old pastime of exchanging analysis and debate with the good people at Next Left..."

Roger Steare: Freedom, Fairness and Responsibility

"...Once we have re-discovered true virtue and community in public life, then we will have the most powerful tools at our disposal to meet the massive challenges that confront us..."

Creating an Effective Cartel Busting Regime

"...Yesterday as Gordon Brown faced the final collapse of New Labour and the exit of his Adminstration from power one of the pillars of New Labour’s system of economic regulation also collapsed..."

The Future for Children and Families

"...The Conservative Party would like to recognise a commitment such as marriage or a civil partnership in the tax system with a transferable tax allowance of up to £750 for couples earning less than £44,000. This might be no longer the case under a Tory/LibDem Government as the latter recognise that “families come in all shapes and sizes”, taking up Labour’s mantra..."

What happened to Policy?

"...The LibDems should start talking about the other three items on their list before they hand over the keys to No 10..."

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