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Staff and Associates

Phillip Blond Phillip Blond - Director

Phillip is an internationally recognised political thinker and social and economic commentator. He bridges the gap between politics and practice, offering strategic consultation and policy formation to governments, businesses and organisations across the world. He founded ResPublica in 2009 and is an academic, journalist and author. Prior to entering politics and public policy he was a senior lecturer in theology and philosophy – teaching at the Universities of Exeter and Cumbria. He is the author of Red Tory (Faber and Faber 2010) which sought to redefine the centre ground of British politics around the ideas of civil association, mutual ownership and shared enterprise. His ideas have influenced the agenda around the Big Society and civil renewal and have helped to redefine British and international politics. Papers he has authored and co-authored while at ResPublica include Holistic Mission 2013, Marriage, union for the future or contarct for the present 2013 Military Academies: Tackling disadvantage, improving ethos and changing outcome (2012,) Asset Building for Children (2010), To Buy, To Bid, To Build: Community Rights for an Asset Owning Democracy (2010) and The Ownership State (2009). He has written extensively in the British and foreign press including The Guardian, The Independent, The Observer, The Financial Times, Prospect and the New Statesman and The New York Times. As a renowned speaker and communicator, Phillip is a frequent broadcaster – appearing on the BBC and Sky as well as foreign media. Through both his writing and speaking Phillip argues for a new economic and social politics based around free association and group formation, new forms of capitalisation and market entry.

Caroline Julian Caroline Julian - Head of Research


Caroline is Head of Research at ResPublica, and manages the think tank's research programme and strategy. She graduated from the University of Nottingham with a Masters in Philosophical Theology and holds particular expertise in the role of faith and the Church in public political life. Caroline also completed a travel fellowship in 2013 through the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust to explore the role of community and local energy in Germany, and has spoken and written widely on the topic, both within the UK and abroad.

During her time at ResPublica, Caroline has co-authored and edited a series of publications and collections, including the 2012 publication Re-energising Our Communities: Transforming the energy market through local energy production, 2013's The Community Renewables Economy: Starting up, scaling up and spinning out, and ResPublica's Holistic Mission: Social action and the Church of England (2013) report. 

Caroline also leads on ResPublica's research into constitutional issues and public service reform, and was editor of Our House: Reflections on Representation and Reform in the House of Lords and Making it Mutual: The ownership revolution that Britain needs.

Ed Rennie Ed Rennie - Head of Virtue Programme

Ed heads up ResPublica’s Virtue Principle which alongside Prosperity and Society will guide ResPublica’s workstreams for the coming period. The Virtue principle will develop research projects on how to inculcate culture change to establish ethos, character and equal dignity at the heart of our businesses, institutions and as the basis of individual flourishing.   

Before joining ResPublica Ed worked for Emily Thornberry MP and Jim Dobbin MP and was a Councillor for Perivale. Prior to this he worked for Imran Khan the campaigning solicitor, taught religion in secondary school and worked as a wine merchant. Ed is a leading thinker in Blue Labour, a founding member of the Catholic Voices media project and blogs at The Tablet.

Michaela Costello Michaela Costello - Head of Prosperity Programme

Michaela is Head of the Prosperity Programme at ResPublica. In this role she will be taking forward work on financial services reform, completing the digital single market,  supply-side manufacturing reforms and infrastructure investment.

Michaela previously worked as Senior Policy Adviser to an MEP in the European Parliament, advising on the work of three standing committees - Economic and Monetary Affairs, Internal Markets and Consumer Protection and Constitutional Affairs.

In this role she gained expert knowledge of financial services regulation relating to insurance law, corporate governance and payment systems, contract and consumer regulation and the treaties of the EU.

Prior to this Michaela worked in a similar role for an MP in Westminster, giving her a working knowledge of both EU and UK legislative systems.

Hannah Merron Hannah Merron - Operations Manager
Hannah is responsible for all operational aspects of the business, from day-to-day office management, financial control, HR processes and resource allocation to management of projects and client relationships. She graduated from the University of Cambridge with a first class degree in Archaeology and Anthropology. 

Mark Morrin Mark Morrin - Localism Lead

Mark is ResPublica's Localism Lead. He will be focusing on our new projects and workstreams, working in partnership with city-regions, to radicalise the localism agenda and realise a new vision for local economic growth and public sector reform.

Mark has contributed widely to research and policy developments in the UK with particular expertise in the fields of economic development, employment and skills. He has over 15 years of experience working with the public, private and voluntary sector.

David Fagleman David Fagleman - Senior Researcher
David is a Senior Researcher at ResPublica. He graduated from Leeds University with a BA in Political Studies and an MA in Politics, during which time he interned as a Parliamentary Assistant in Westminster. His current areas of interest include new economic and business models and community empowerment. 

Elliott Mears Elliott Mears - Events & Communications Manager
Elliott is responsible for Events and Communications at ResPublica. He graduated from the University of Southampton with a BSc in Politics and International Relations, having won the Peter G Richards Award for Best Dissertation entitled 'Alcohol Policy in the UK (1997-2012): Theories of the Policy Process'. 

Elliott is now working to expand ResPublica's online presence, to create a new vision for the events team, and is leading on ResPublica's 5th Party Conference Season.

Richard Sagar Richard Sagar - Research Assistant
Richard Sagar is a Research Assistant, he has a strong interest in the role community energy can play in transforming the energy sector.

He has previously worked for a prominent environmental NGO and for a renewable energy trade association. Having recently graduated with an Mphil in Philosophy he has a keen interest in virtue ethics and restoring the concept of the common good in political discourse.

Lorenzo Rimoldi Lorenzo Rimoldi - Events & Communications Assistant
Lorenzo is Events and Communications Assistant at ResPublica. There, he faces key issues related to organization and management of policy events, together with sales and marketing activities related to the fundraising for new projects. Before ResPublica, Lorenzo read a Masters in Global Political Economy at City University.

Abigail Rees Abigail Rees - Research Assistant
Abigail Rees is a Research Assistant at ResPublica. She recently graduated with a first-class degree from the University of Oxford, where she was shortlisted for the national R. H. Gapper Undergraduate Prize in French studies. Her current interests are in constitutional reform, education and skills policy. 

Duncan Sim Duncan Sim - Research Assistant
Duncan joined ResPublica in September 2014. He graduated from Oxford University (Keble College) in July 2014 with a degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE), with a particular focus on UK and US domestic politics, and central banking. His primary interests include constitutional reform, with particular regard to devolution, and monetary policy. Duncan also previously worked for a short time in the office of Norman Baker MP.

Helen Jenkins Helen Jenkins - Research Assistant
Helen joined ResPublica in September 2014, having recently graduated from Exeter University with a degree in History. During her studies her primary research interests included colonial conflict and decolonization in British and French overseas territories, and she wrote her dissertation on the continued impact Partition violence had on Indian women following 1947. She is currently interested in British social and foreign policy.