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Caroline Macfarland

Caroline was the Managing Director of  the ResPublica Trust from January 2012 until March 2013. She joined ResPublica before its launch in November 2009 and played an integral part in its development from a start-up to a leading think tank, working on operations, business development, fundraising and communications strategy. In January 2012 she was appointed as Managing Director by the Board of Trustees.

Caroline studied Politics and Sociology at the University of York and the University of Copenhagen, where she was active in student politics. Prior to joining ResPublica she worked in communications and public relations, and has held a number of roles abroad as well as in the UK. Her interests include mutual and social enterprise, civil society structures, and economic localism. She is co-author of the ResPublica report, Clubbing Together: The hidden wealth of communities, published in July 2012, and has written for various UK and international publications including The Staggers (New Statesman) blog, Total Politics,,  Welsh Housing Quarterly, the LSE British Politics blog, Ilsussidiario and The Information Daily.